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Northop Hall Primary School, Flintshire

Pupils looking at different types of war memorial © M Williams, 2014
Pupils using WMT resources during a lesson © M Williams, 2014
  • County name: Flintshire
  • Group/School name: Northop Hall Primary School
  • Age group: 5 - 11
  • Group type:

As part of Northop Hall School’s ‘War and Peace’ topic, part of a local schools’ initiative to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, pupils were investigating their local war memorial and invited War Memorials Trust’s Learning Officer to the school to help them find out more about it. The visit to the school took place in September 2014.

Most of the day of the visit was spent with the school’s Year 6 class – these older pupils had been asked to research one of the soldiers named on their local memorial over the summer holidays so that their findings could be displayed in the local church. Some local residents, who also attended the visit to get involved with the project, had already developed a website about the memorial and those named on it which the children had used for their research (, so WMT’s visit focused more on more general issues surrounding war memorials – their importance both in the past and now, problems facing them currently, and the range of war memorial designs and why such variety exists among our war memorials. The pupils had already started to learn about the First World War and it was great to see their work in the classroom, including questions that they wanted to learn the answers to during the course of their study. The school also takes an active part in the village’s Remembrance service each November, so this visit was an opportunity to expand pupils’ existing knowledge and help them learn more about the First World War and how it is remembered. By the end of the day when the pupils gave a summary of what they had learned during the visit it was great to see how their understanding had developed and how much they knew about the importance of war memorials.

During the day the school’s Year 3 class also had a lesson introducing them to war memorials and their place in Remembrance Day. These younger pupils did brilliantly at identifying different forms of war memorials and creating their own timeline to work out how long ago the First and Second World Wars were. They also enjoyed guessing how many war memorials there are in the UK and were surprised at the number – an estimated 100,000.

Details of the visit were later added to and we were delighted to hear earlier this year that pupils had continued to work alongside this fantastic local project to continue to learn more about their war memorials.

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