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Cadets at a Remembrance service, © Bury Grammar School, 2011This gallery contains pictures of different war memorials. These pictures show the range of war memorial designs that can be found in the UK and can be used to help young people identify the features of different war memorial types and the similarities between them.


Using these images

Images can be accessed by type of war memorial using the menu on the left.

Any of the war memorial pictures in the gallery can be saved and printed for use in lessons or activities involving young people. They are provided under 3.2 of our Terms and Conditions and can be reproduced for educational use either as part of your own materials or in conjunction with materials available on the Trust's website. Details of copyright holders are provided to accompany each image and can be utilised to credit images if appropriate. For ease of reference War Memorials Trust's reference numbers (for example WM1234) are also given with each photograph - please quote this number if you contact us with a query about a war memorial shown in this gallery.


Further information

Further information about different war memorial types can be found in our teachers' helpsheet, 'Types of war memorial.' This can be accessed using the link below. A range of information relating to the conservation of different war memorials can be found on our sister website,

If you have any questions about these pictures please contact the Learning Officer.

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