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This page shows examples of different war memorial sculptures. Please see the Gallery page for details of how you can use these and copyright details.


  • Group sculpture

Nelson Monument, Liverpool © Peter Jackson-Lee, 2011Nelson Monument, Liverpool (WM1480)

This monument to the Napoleonic Wars shows figures of Nelson, Victory and Death, plus 4 figures around the base of the memorial representing captives or enemies. There is an inscription around the base of the main group sculpture. The memorial was unveiled in 1813.




© Peter Jackson-Lee, 2011


  • Victory sculpture

Colchester war memorial, Essex © Colchester Borough Council, 2011Colchester, Essex (WM1709)

This First World War memorial shows examples of images often seen on memorials. The sculpture shows Victory holding an inverted sword and laurel wreath. A casket with the names of the fallen is buried within the memorial.





© Colchester Borough Council, 2011


  • Serviceman/woman sculpture

Streatham war memorial, London © War Memorials Trust, 2008Streatham, London (WM1837)

Streatham’s memorial to the First and Second World Wars shows a figure of a serviceman with rifle reversed. This is on top of a plinth which has the dates of the wars carved into two wreaths.





© War Memorials Trust, 2008


Nuneaton South African War (Buller) Memorial, Warwickshire © War Memorials Trust, 2010Nuneaton, Warwickshire (WM2009)

This memorial to the South African war of 1899-1902 shows a statue of an infantryman and features a plaque with a dedicatory inscription and names on the plinth. The statue is a replica, unveiled in 2008 to replace the original, which was stolen in 2006.





 © War Memorials Trust, 2010


  • Other sculptures

Animals in War memorial, London © War Memorials Trust, 2008Animals in War memorial, London © War Memorials Trust, 2008Animals in War memorial, London (WM376)

This war memorial is dedicated to all animals that have been involved in, suffered or were killed as a result of conflict. It depicts mules, horses and a dog as well as various other species involved in conflict. 




© War Memorials Trust, 2008

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