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War memorial inscriptions

This page shows examples of different war memorial inscriptions, especially ones that are particularly moving or poignant. These often express community feeling at the time when the war memorial was erected and reveal the motivation for creating a memorial. They can also explain who is commemorated or give other information that may be useful for research.

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Pembroke Dock memorial cross inscription, Dyfed © Ceri Jones, 2010Pembroke Dock, Dyfed (WM34)

Another inscription, on one of the other faces of the plinth of this memorial, reads:

"This memorial
is dedicated by
the ex-service
men widows and
dependents of
this district
July 30 1921"

© Ceri Jones, 2010


Downham Market war memorial cross inscription, Norfolk © War Memorials Trust, 2012Downham Market, Norfolk (WM545)

This memorial commemorates two young men from neighbouring parishes, killed on the same day a year apart. The memorial stands on the boundary between their parishes.





© War Memorials Trust, 2012.


West Kirkby war memorial obelisk inscription, Merseyside © Peter Jackson-Lee, 2010West Kirkby, Merseyside (WM634)

This inscription, like many others, calls upon future generations to ensure that the people commemorated on the memorial are not forgotten.





© Peter Jackson-Lee, 2010.


Filleigh war memorial cross inscription, Devon © Alan Graveley, 2010Filleigh, Devon (WM652)

These three pictures show some of the detailed inscriptions on this war memorial cross, which commemorates casualties of the Boer War and the two World Wars.

A large amount of detail is given about each casualty, including rank and regiment.



Filleigh war memorial cross inscription, Devon © Alan Graveley, 2010







Filleigh war memorial cross inscription, Devon © Alan Graveley, 2010




© Alan Graveley, 2010.


Bishops Stortford war memorial obelisk inscription, Hertfordshire © War Memorials Trust, 2010Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire (WM669)

The inscription carved above a list of the names of the fallen reads:

of their
of our

© War Memorials Trust, 2010


Kemsing war memorial cross, Kent © James Day, 2010Kemsing, Kent (WM985)

This small plaque is part of a larger cross and reads:

"Is it
nothing to
you, all ye
that pass


© James Day, 2010


Blackpool war memorial obelisk inscription, Lancashire © Peter Jackson-Lee, 2012Blackpool, Lancashire (WM975)

The inscription shown here is part of a choir loft, which was added to the original war memorial in Blackpool and unveiled in 2008.

It simply reads: "Sing softly. Be still. Cease."



© Peter Jackson-Lee, 2012.


Bisley war memorial cross inscription, Gloucestershire © Mike Coyle, 2012Bisley, Gloucestershire (WM1917)

Among the inscriptions on other parts of this memorial commemorating the dead, this one gives thanks for the safe return of those locals who survived the First World War.





©  Mike Coyle, 2012


East Retford war memorial sculpture inscription, Nottinghamshire © Rachel Farrand, 2008East Retford, Nottinghamshire (WM2017)

The inscriptions on this memorial pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives during the First World War and indicate that the memorial was erected in their memory by public subscription.






East Retford war memorial sculpture inscription, Nottinghamshire © Rachel Farrand, 2008








© Rachel Farrand, 2008


Dallington war memorial cross inscription, Northamptonshire © Tom Keyes, 2012Dallington, Northamptonshire (WM6868)

This plaque is attached to a larger war memorial cross. The other sides of the plinth bear the names of the fallen in incised lettering.





© Tom Keyes, 2012


Blackwoods war memorial gate, Nottinghamshire © War Memorials Trust, 2011Sherwood (Blackwoods), Nottinghamshire (WM2011)

This war memorial is a gate at the entrance to a Scout site. The inscription urges Scouts entering to ensure 'that you who live are worthy of your dead.' The 24th Nottingham Scout Group are the custodians of the memorial.


© War Memorials Trust, 2011

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