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This page shows examples of different war memorial monuments. Please see the Gallery page for details of how you can use these and copyright details.


  • Cenotaphs

The Cenotaph, London © War Memorials Trust, 2003The Cenotaph, London (WM2446)

This cenotaph was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and unveiled in Whitehall in 1920, on the same day that the Unknown Warrior was buried in Westminster Abbey. It is constrcuted of Portland stone and has wreaths carved onto the sides, with the cenotaph ('empty tomb') at the top. The dates of the First and Second World Wars and the words 'The Glorious Dead' are carved into the sides. The monument was originally intended to be a temporary structure, created for the 1919 Peace Parade following the end of the First World War, but was so well received it was decided to turn in into a permanent monument. The monument that stands there today is an exact replica of the temporary one.


© War Memorials Trust, 2003

Denton war memorial cenotaph, Manchester © Peter Jackson-Lee, 2011Denton, Greater Manchester (WM273)

This war memorial cenotaph was unveiled in 1921 in memory of those that fell in the First World War. The names of the dead are listed on the memorial and the inscription shows that the memorial was erected by their 'fellow townsmen.'





© Peter Jackson-Lee, 2011


  • Obelisks

Burma Star memorial obelisk, Staffordshire © War Memorials Trust, 2006Burma Star memorial, Staffordshire (WM4090) 

The Burma Star memorial obelisk is situated at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. A plaque fixed to it carries the Kohima epitaph. In 2011 the memorial was marked with SmartWater as part of the In Memoriam 2014 campaign.





© War Memorials Trust, 2006

Bexleyheath war memorial obelisk, London © War Memorials Trust, 2010Bexleyheath, London (WM4239)

Bexleyheath war memorial was orignally unveiled in 1921, and has since been relocated twice - the second time it was moved back to its original location following public protest at it being moved.





© War Memorials Trust, 2011


  • Pillars/columns

St Athan war memorial pillar, South Glamorgan © St Athan Community Council, 2006St Athan, South Glamorgan (WM1910)

This war memorial consists of a limestone pillar surrounded by metal railings. It is dedicated to the fallen of the First and Second World Wars and their names are incised inside carved arches.





© St Athan Community Council, 2006

Polish Air Force memorial column, London © War Memorials Trust, 2008Polish Air Force memorial, London (WM2048)

This war memorial commemorates the Polish Air Force, formed in Britain in 1940 following the fall of Poland and France.





© War Memorials Trust, 2008

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